One month to go

Dear readers,

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Macao is my next big adventure, and boy oh boy am I excited (also terrified, but let’s forget about that for now)!

Being more busy than ever, I had to pause this blog due to my one month stay at a Secondary School, mastering the fine arts of being able to talk to teenagers whose attitude and feelings can range between horrible and adorable, as well as keeping up with my university studies at the same time. I am pretty sure you would agree that keeping it together is a little more important, than… well, not.

I sure have missed this place, which is why I am so excited to be updating my dear blog again. As you might have noticed, there is no Swedish written part because I feel it helps more to focus on the English writing due to my studies and readers.

Who knows, I might go back to the old layout when I return home for Sweden again.

As for Macao, almost everything is settled. I received my acceptance letter today, the flight tickets were ordered months ago and all I have left to do is buy a suitcase and try to figure out what to bring with me. If you have tips, please do share them with me! I need all I can get right now.

Here are some pictures of what I have to look forward to:


Goodness! This is going to be spectacular!

I am bringing my camera with me, so expect this blog to be filled with pictures of my adventures.

Now, time to go back to work!





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