Less than two weeks to go

Dear readers,

It seems as though time just flies. I can barely keep up!

I am battling this crazy mixture of university studies, teaching my SFI students,  and trying to prepare for / plan the trip of my life. Would you believe me if I said I haven’t packed one single item yet? (In all honest truth, I don’t actually have a suitcase….)

I don’t know why, it just seems that I can’t grasp what is actually happening. I can’t imagine what would be appropriate to wear for the (very different) weather and how I should prepare myself for everything that comes with changing countries for half a year. I suppose I will have figured it out a bit more after Christmas, because I know I’ll be getting some useful items by then (i.e. a suitcase).

Let’s be honest, I’m not really a professional at this whole travel-thing. I have barely traveled before, and when I have, most of my trips have been within Europe. At the longest I’ve stayed for about a week abroad before coming home again. This, what I am doing (or am about to do) is sooo outside of my comfort zone that it actually scares me. I almost feel like a little girl again, trying to figure something out for the first time but not knowing how.

Luckily, I have been accepted to a university that are very caring. What that means is that they send me emails packed with information about what I need to do upon my arrival / when I arrive, who I should talk to and where I should go when I reach campus.

It is only then, when I think of the practicalities that I am at my most calm. It’s sort of an instruction book for me not to freak out, and it really is helping me not to completely lose it by now.

I haven’t been thinking much about everything that I will miss, because my brain is being really nice and have deleted all files that have to do with cats, family, and friends. I suppose that’s a sweet strategy. It’ll find me again when I am homesick and balling my eyes out in front of my stranger roommate. But in the words of Gloria Gaynor: I will survive.

I am looking forward to visiting cultural and historical places in Macao, bringing out the inner nerd in me. Hopefully I find friends who are like minded. Also, really looking forward to eating lots of new food. Although, I must admit, terrified of accidentally eating cats or dogs. My boss told me a story about a food market and puppies in cages and my heart literally sunk. Yes yes, I know no animals at all should be eaten, but I have no morals but I am really trying to become more equally minded when it comes to eating animals. Maybe this experience will convert me.

I will post a fun update when I have started packing, showing you everything I am bringing! Eeek!

Good night dear readers, I’ll write you soon again.





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