To Pack for a Life Away

Dear readers,

Oh my. Never in a thousand years did I ever imagine it to be so difficult to pack! What to pack, you ask? God, if only I knew the answer to that question. I have been writing down list after list, trying to figure out what I need to bring, what I want to bring, and what I should bring… Different matters I tell you.

I really have tried to implement this “travel light” idea, but when I think of the amount of things I would have to spend money on the first thing I do when I arrive, it just seems plain stupid, in all honesty. Although one would think that the whole content of one’s closet should not come with, I would probably wind up disappointed if I ended up with nothing to wear (there, I said it!). I happen to enjoy having a range of outfits to choose from, being a true Westerner, as you understand, I cannot settle for less (please hear the sarcasm). As for pleasure, I am bringing a couple of books with me to read, and some which I need for studying. I will probably end up with so many new books and other things during my stay that I will have to check in two bags when I return, instead of one. Oh well. Worse things have happened, I suppose.

This is what my (not so organized) packing looked like earlier tonight: IMG_0647.JPG

A god damn disaster, I tell you. I decided to write down everything I packed down in order to have full control of exactly what I am bringing. I hated the idea of thinking something in terms of: “yeah I have a couple of shirts and some dresses” because my OCD-brain would never be able to handle that. Instead I color coded my list and counted the pieces into different categories. Worked miracles.

Unfortunately, I do not have a *finished* picture, because I imagine I will rearrange everything I packed tonight, tomorrow. Typical me, that is.


The books I chose to bring with me. Different types of books that I have longed to read for a long time (Thank you A for the lovely gift with the two bottom books! You know me too well). I finished my book I have been reading today (Allt jag inte minns – Jonas Hassen Khemiri, read it!), which means that I will be able to start reading a new book on the flight(s), yay! Hopefully I will read more than these due to the courses I will take down there. I still am not completely sure of what I will end up studying, so I will not really discuss it here quite yet. Although a week from now, I should have figured my semester out!


I almost forgot that I had to pack some jewelry with me. Most often I use earrings the shapes of different animals or geometrical shapes, or I use brooches (insert comment regarding me (proudly!) being an old lady here). Anyway, I have this pretty little tin can that was once for some sort of exclusive, wonderfully smelling soap, which works great as a travel container for jewelry.

As I have been writing this blog post, I remembered that I need to bring an umbrella and that I should pack down my DSLR camera, for taking cool pictures. Dear oh dear, where to put all things?!

Tomorrow is my last day in Sweden before I take the train to Copenhagen, take the flight to Stockholm, take the flight to Beijing, take the flight to Hong Kong, and lastly take the ferry/taxi/Idon’tevenknow to Macao. My oh my.


Be still, dear heart.





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