On my way!

Dear readers,

I almost cannot believe that I am actually on my way over to Macao!

Right now, I am waiting for my gate to open at Arlanda Airport, which means that I have survived one out of three flights this day.

So far, everything has been quite good. I am still trying to grasp where I am actually going, and I think it’s going pretty well. Thank god for WiFi, which gives me the opportunity to write this blog post as well as chat with friends and family during my long wait.


I started reading Wuthering Heights, and I really enjoy it up to this point. I have read a couple of chapters, and I love how much these types of books appeal to me. There is something about the richness in the language, the amount of details about a scenery, the effort to let the reader really be part of the story and the conversations which sort of gives me the tingles.  Thank you again, A!


This is the only “normal” picture I was able to take from the moment I was able to check in up until landing in Stockholm.  Maybe it shows the amount of excitement I am feeling right now. Almost like a twelve year old kid going on an adventure. 😀

As of now, I am camped outside the gate of my Beijing flight. I realize this flight will be much different from my 1 hour flight I had at first, but I am really looking forward to it. I have not been traveling much in my life, which is why this simple flight becomes of such great nature to me.

Luckily, I will be meeting up with a student from the university in Hong Kong tomorrow, which will help me a great deal when it comes to approaching my final destination, MACAO!

I will keep you updated!





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