Hello Campus!

Dear readers,

In the midst of having weird sleeping routines, trying to understand what everyone eats for breakfast/lunch/dinner and finding my way around, I have managed to take a long walk with my new friend, where we decided to explore campus more than the areas we already know (which is, our colleges where we live and the mall, hehe).


First of all, let us take a look at this amazing library. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, libraries are like a second home. I have always enjoyed them! Every time I am in one (no matter where I am) I get the tingles. I can almost feel the autumn winds outside and a cup of coffee in my other hand, reading a book.

This library is like nothing I have ever seen. It is as grand and noble as it looks in the picture. The first thing you set your eyes on when you enter campus ground, is this sweet baby. Let us take a look at how it looks from behind.


I mean, BAM! Can you just imagine being in there somewhere and being productive? Feeling your brain become greater than it has ever been? I can.

Now, you are probably wondering, if it is this grand on the outside, then surely the inside cannot be a disappointment? Dear reader, you are completely right. Although I did not make it around the whole library, taking non-discrete  pictures, I did take some from the best view.


Alright, what is this?! You might ask yourself. If you take the elevator to the top floor and look out on the openness in the middle of the library, you will be met with vibrant colors and beautiful lines and shapes. The light beams make the whole experience almost a bit god like.


Now, this is what I am talking about. Do you see how they have made the floors almost like a staircase? This applies to the first, second, and third floor. The fourth, fifth, and sixth have a different outlook. I just love everything you can see in this picture. The mint green chairs, the mosaic on the wall, the openness, the massive amounts of plants… Just simple love.

Moving on, we continued around campus, and I cannot really recall where all of these pictures were taken, so you will just have to see a few samples of my world this upcoming semester.


Palm trees have always been sort of a lucky charm for me. It reminds me of my heritage and I sort of feel close to home in a way. Also, these types of plants give clear evidence of what the weather is like over here. (Hot!)


There is a lot of water around this campus. Both literally around is sort of as a moat, but also under bridges and basically everywhere you go. It is really nice actually. Although I am not used to this weather, this climate, this way of living or even just the looks of all the buildings, it just feels good. It does not intimidate me, rather keeps me calm at heart.


I just have to add this to the post. I just found it adorable that some student has this classic (from my perspective) hat that they use while riding their bike. I could not help myself taking a picture. As you might notice, in all haste, because I was so afraid of the owner coming out and yelling at me or something.


That was all for now, I am trying to fix my sleep again which makes me a sleepy zombie, in order to be able to sleep. Although I really want to update this blog all the time (seriously, if you only knew) I am so tired right now that I barely have energy to tie my shoes. But things are becoming clearer day by day, and I feel like this is going to be an amazing experience. I am scared of mistakes I will make, scared of offending someone by doing something inappropriate which I am not myself aware of, or to just sort of become this odd outsider. I guess these thoughts are completely legitimate due to my current situation.

I hope all is well in Sweden and the rest of the world, wherever you might be. Please write me! I love talking to you!

Good night from the sleepiest arab in town.




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