Dear readers,

The introduction week for us exchange students started during Tuesday (yay!) and I finally met almost all of us who are studying here together during the Spring semester. So much fun to see people from all around the world, come together under one “roof” and just grow together, as people and students.

During the first Introduction Lecture we had, which was about Macau History and a bit around that, we were able to try out calligraphy! I was SO excited!

You have to know, back in 2015, when I was still in my first year of teacher studies, we were given the opportunity to try calligraphy out. If I remember correctly, it was actually a Macau student who would tutor us. I was not able to go but could not really let it go for years(!) that I had missed such an opportunity.

Imagine my happiness when they had us try it out, in Macau instead! Ah!!


First thing’s first, we needed a calligraphy pen. I made sure to record the whole process for you, dear readers 🙂


Secondly, we were given these red sheets of paper and instructions of what we were to create. What a challenge! But a really fun one. We were given the opportunity to try just drawing the symbols on a piece of standard white paper, just to get the feeling of it. It was needed, although it was completely different when we actually started using the ink.


Because I am me, I may have become a bit too excited. I think I used the most paper out of the whole group. But for me, it was a chance to learn, and something I could do in the future when I am an Arts teacher. We did these for the Chinese New Year that are coming up at the end of January.


Do you remember me telling you about this exchange student I have been starting hanging out with? Presenting, Isabela! I asked how we could write our name in calligraphy, and this is the result. She did this beautiful example of how our name is written in Chinese. It is also funny, because since there are two of us sharing the same name in the exchange group, we now go by “Isa” (her) and “Bella” (me) which happens to be our nicknames in our home countries as well.

This was SO MUCH FUN! If you ever get the chance to try this out, do it! It is not as scary as one might think. Do not let that brush or the ink scare you. They are both your friends and tools in creating your masterpiece.

Tomorrow, I will finally know which courses I will take during this semester! Wiho! Naturally, I will tell you all about it when I know. Talk to you soon again!





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