A Tour around Macao

Dear readers,

Brace yourselves for a long post, with a lot of pictures!

First of all, sorry for not posting for two days, introduction week has still been going on, along side with examinations from Malmö which I am finishing here. So although classes do not start until Monday, I am already busy.

For the last day of our introduction week for the exchange students, we went on a tour around Macao and got to see some really cool things on the way. I thought I would bring you along!

First of all, we took our tour bus and our first stop of the day was a museum in Old Macau (I am going to apologize right here for not remembering all names of the places we visited. Forgive me!) :


In several places of the museum, they had built up these miniature scenery describing a historical event. Naturally, many of the events had to do with the Portuguese colonization of Macau until 1999.


Here is another one similar to the above. This I think had to do with fishermen and how they lived. It was hard to understand everything due to language barriers.


The view was pretty spectacular from the museum. There is a cool mix between the old Macau houses and new ones. You can clearly see the difference depending on which you refer to. The old ones are not allowed to be restored because of the historical heritage. And because, if they did, there would be sky high building as the ones in the background, covering the view for everyone.


Hello from me 😀


Not far from the museum (actually, right next to it) we visited the famous Ruins of S:t Paul! This was really really cool. This wall is the only one left standing after a fire broke out and ruined the rest of the church. This building was also the first school I think during its active time.


Very cool ruin. I really enjoyed seeing it. There was a cellar one could visit as well with some found items buried under the ruins.


We continued down a busy street and approached a famous square which I forgot the name of (sorry). What was really interesting in these quarters was the heritage the Portuguese had left in the architecture. Everywhere there were buildings like these right next to Macanese ones. Very beautiful.


We then visited a really high tower (Macao Tower maybe?), I think it was 338 meters high! At first I hesitated on whether I should go up or not (it cost some money as well) but then decided that I should do it, even though I am so scared of heights. This was the view from the 61’st floor. Yikes. I kid you not, I thought the tower was moving, but it turned out it was my head being extremely dizzy. This is not even a joke.


The thing about taking pictures in this part of the world is that everything is misty, although I thought this picture was fine (and green). Here we see several of the casinos which Macao is really famous for.


“Street view”.


Okay, this picture has a funny story to it. They had parts of the floor with these glass windows sort of, and I never thought I would be so scared of them (youtube China glass bridge and see what I mean) but I just could not stand on the glass. I started swaying while trying to do it, losing my balance and even sweating a bit. I looked up, and this old Chinese woman was standing, watching me, and giggling. She then started walking on the glass, looking at me and smiling. I guess she was trying to tell me “look, it’s okay!” instead of mocking me. You have no idea what it took for me to stand on that thing and take a picture. You’re welcome! 😉


Lastly, we went to the place where the Portuguese supposedly entered Macao about 600 years ago. I think this temple was called A-ma Temple. Really pretty and sacred. It felt a bit weird walking around there taking pictures while people were praying, so I tried to keep a low profile.


I thought this war pretty neat. People writing messages and leaving their little marks on Bamboo trees in the Temple.


Oh, by the way, before we left that tower, I happened to stumble upon IKEA and felt a bit homesick. It was nice to find it, although I was disappointed it was not actually a store per se, instead just some pick-up point.


Finally, I came home very tired and with sore feet. It was totally worth it though. I hope all is well with you and that you enjoyed this blog post!




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