What I will Study

Dear readers,

Tomorrow is the big day! I am finally starting my courses, and I have to tell you, I cannot wait! It is super exciting to be in this new country, with all of these new people, new university which I have the privilege of being part of for one semester! Wow.

As I understand it, I am the only exchange student attending the English Faculty. Most of the exchange students are business or finance (or close to that) Majors, so I will be solo dancing my way through my faculty, I suppose.

Right from the beginning, I knew I wanted to study literature courses. I will devour them gladly, and conveniently enough, it suits me since I am becoming and English teacher. Yay for that. When I was able to scroll through the list of courses I could choose between, I was positive this would be a wonderful semester.

Okay here they are…. drum roll please….:

  • The English Renaissance
  • 20th century American Literature
  • 20th century & contemporary Literature
  •  Romanticism
  • Creative Writing

Dear oh dear! So excited! 😀

Here is a really bad picture of the entrance to my faculty:


Is that pattern not the prettiest you have seen? I just love it. My faculty is called “Faculty of Arts and Humanities” and it just feels so right, you know? When everything just clicks?

I am positive that it is going to be stressful and a lot to do. I posted a picture to Instagram the other day when I had bought my first course literature to one of the courses:


This is actually a great book. It is called “The Norton Anthology of English Literature – The Major Authors”. Now, is that not a perfect English Teacher book? I think it will fit great with the rest of my Teacher-library-books back home.

Another thing which I really appreciate here, except for the whole campus – but that is another story, is that I have a set schedule. I know exactly when I have classes and when I have time to study or do other things. I really wish we had that in my home university, because it would help me organize my life so much better. Who knows, maybe I will not appreciate it, but i highly doubt it. I loved it when I was in upper secondary school at least, and I have not changed my organized crazy head that much since then 😉

Today I bought some stationery and bought new note pages for my Filofax. I love love love having it by the way, it fulfills all my needs. I just need to find some more stickers for it in order for me to color organize it better than I am doing it right now. If you have any tips, Please let me know!

Anyway, I will give you an update when I have finished my first day at my new university! Ah! So exciting!





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