Going Shopping in a Casino

Dear readers,

One thing that Macao is very famous for are all the Casinos on this small area (I think there are 38 Casinos and Macao is only 30,5 km2). The really big ones consist of more things than just a casino to gamble all your money; they have hotels as well as enormous shopping malls and probably other things that I have no idea about. The one that I will be talking about is called The Venetian and according to their website, they have the largest shopping mall in Macao. This explains why the first time I was there with a couple of friends, we actually could not find our way out, haha.

But first! Let us just take a quick glance at The Galaxy, not far from The Venetian:


Now, one this that is totally mesmerizing with these casinos is the enormous size of them. Although this might not quite show you what I mean, you feel pretty small next to one of these giants.

On the inside, The Galaxy is pretty neat:


You feel like you are walking around in a gold covered bubble-gum dream. This decoration is pretty extravagant. In front where that walls sort of resembles feathers or some other pattern, that is where the casino is. Obviously, I did not enter, instead I and my fellow exchange students found H&M and shopped.

Anyway, back to The Venetian. I have been there twice now, so I have a couple of pictures than I will show you!


So, this is a better representation of what it is you are getting yourself into just to spend some money (on shopping). What is nice with the Venetian is that the interior is really really creative. They have taken on this Italian concept:


Can you see it? Were are on the inside now. This is the top floor where you may think you are outside on some Venetian street, but no. I love how the ceiling actually is cooler in real life. On this picture it looks a bit dark, but when you are there you can really imagine being somewhere else if you just put your mind to it.

The other super cool thing is:


I mean, come oooooon. People were taking so many pictures of this. I thought it was such a nice idea. Gondolas, inside (but kind of outside-ish) and you even get an Italian looking gondolier. Just awesome.

So, while cruising around between stores, you can always enjoy looking at families or friends enjoying a tour in the gondola. Or just stroll around another shopping “street”.



Now, let us get one thing straight. These shopping malls are not cheap ones. In this enormous store, I can say that only three stores are available for me to shop in. H&M, Zara and Pull & Bear. All the other brands are high fashion super expensive brands. I always become really fascinated when I see girls walking around with shopping bags from Hermès, Gucci, Dior, and other really fancy high-priced brands. Where do they get all of their money from?! Macao is still a mystery in many ways. People are rich but it is quite unclear where their fortunes come from. I am going to look for more affordable stores, though. I have not yet seen all the stores in the mall, but my odds are against me.

However, the nice thing is that I find stores there with brands that I really like but only have been looking up online. Cath Kidston is one example. Also Kate Spade! Ahh. Still really expensive, but nice to look at.

So, that was a quick tour to show you how you shop here.





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