Good Things this Week

Dear readers,

The week has reached its final day, and I am able to reminisce on the good things that made my heart smile.

Before we go through what those things were, let me just quickly recap on what my week consisted of:


Presenting: my messy calendar spread! As you can see, my most busy days are Mondays and Thursdays. Luckily, I have been doing fun things at the end of the week, finishing it all up with today’s study session (and blogging).

If you are wondering about the invasion of colored dots, I was trying out a new tape which I bought in a store, but it turned out that it just made a whole mess and glued together my pages. Oh well. It does look pretty with confetti rain, I’ll give you that.

If you, like myself, are a nerd and want to know more about what I do with my Filofax, I will be posting about my studies very soon, where I will go through this best friend of mine in more detail.

Anyway, Besides from being in school, studying a lot, and printing stuff in the library all the time, I have had a couple of lovely things happen to me this week that I wanted to share.


We had a college orientation where we learned more about the actual place we are living in. It was very fun, and we were invited to join this event, where we could (help others) practice English. It sounds really fun, so I think I will try it out.

Ps. Purple is the color of the college, and more will come about this.


finally had real coffee at the local coffee shop Pacific Coffee. Although I managed to forget to take a picture of the actual logo, I did however take a picture of this absolutely gorgeous mosaic wall they had in the coffee shop. How lovely to be surrounded by beautiful patterns while sipping a cappuccino?

Also, they had this black board where they apparently wrote inspirational quotes (yes some of you are sighing right now, but stay with me), and they had a Harry Potter one which I thought was really nice:


It was the last thing that caught my eye before I left, which put a smile on my face.

Speaking of coffee house, one of my classmates in one of the courses I am taking this semester, asked if we could have lunch at this place and speak about things (i.e. practice English haha). Isa joined as well and we ended up having a great lunch hour together. One thing we discussed was the one-child policy China has had for a long time. It did not hit me until he mentioned it, that many of the students around me are born in a culture where you are the only child, and that is just a standard that you do not question. Although some have siblings anyway because of exemptions, it still baffled me that a whole nation of children lack the privilege of having siblings. It is also bittersweet that he asked us about siblings and wanted to hear more about it, but he had nothing on his own that he could include in the conversation. It could also be that I am reading too much into it (easily done, hehe) but it still affected me.


On Friday night we had karaoke night with pizza! That was nice, although I had a hard time understanding many of the songs. It was however really nice to listen to the obvious differences between English and Chinese. The good thing about songs is that it is easier to listen to someones pronunciation (teacher mind) in order to try to understand where words and phrases start and end.

By the way, you know the edges of the pizza, dry and boring? The tomato sauce has barely touched it and many leave them behind when devouring their pizza. Here, there is cheese that is baked into the edge, so you have an extra treat when you eat the “most boring part of it” instead. Maybe something Sweden should start doing?


Okay. First prize of good things that happened to me this week is this picture. I came home from one of my classes, and my roommate had left me some treats from a trip she had made to Korea in the past week. She wrote this really lovely note where she hoped I would enjoy my semester here, and telling me about the Korea trip.

Honestly guys, I almost started crying. The whole idea that I am even here and am supposed to be for months to come is sometimes very overwhelming for me. I miss many things and many times I have felt like an alien here. Of course, loneliness has been a recurrent feeling for me.

So for her to do this (we had only met once at this time) was just incredible friendly of her. I do not think she understands to which extent this made my whole stay here so much better.

Here’s to doing nice things for other people, without expecting anything back. Here’s to spreading love in a hate-filled world!





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