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Dear readers,

Although this is post is coming up a bit late (sorry) I want to tell you about this really nice little trip two friends took me on in Macau!

We had talked about eating Indonesian food in Macau, and after some planning, we were finally on our way! The plan was for us to go to the non-tourist part of Macau which I really appreciated, seeing the “original” settings and not just flashing casinos is a good rest for the eye.

After a completely crazy bus ride where I was hanging on with dear life (not a joke, but I was probably the joke of the party for all other local passengers) and trying not to bump into others on the bus while the bus was doing a roller-coast ride with us. The day after it felt like I had been working out like crazy because I had soreness in my abs.


But, you can not get away from the casinos that easily. When we got off the bus, we were met by this casino before our journey towards the Indonesian restaurant was reached.


Extravagant designs with many lights, digital boards and so many people circulating around these places.


Poor pictures of some other famous casinos that were found around us. Notice the trees and all leafs which to a Swede as myself, is a beautiful view during an otherwise grey and dull month.


We finally reached our destination! Yay! To the left we find dear Fish and to the right the most awesome Chrys! We ordered some drinks whilst waiting for our food. The restaurant was a pretty small one and it smelled deliciously when we came through the front door.


I chose this ice tea drink. As you will soon read about, this basically saved my life (okay, mouth). I was this annoying customer who asked for a “not too sweet drink, but not too bitter. Can you do that?” They could.


Here I am when I was served my food. As it is standard to eat with your hand in Indonesia, I happily put on a plastic glove and was ready to start devouring my food. Fun fact: that container with peanut sauce that I poured all over my food and was under the impression that it would not be too spicy (of course, they were asked to adjust the levels of hot spices in order for this child-adult to be able to eat it) was apparently my mistake.


This is the post-war zone picture of my meal. If you know me, you would know that my ability to eat spicy food is very very low. almost non-existent. I am a real loser when it comes to this (in both aspects, since I lose out on a lot of delicious meals) and after I almost thought I was never going to be able to taste food again, I gave up my meal completely. Two women who were sitting next to us were staring at me while I made weird noises and laughed out loud once, when I hid my face in my hands and grunted. Who can blame them? It must have looked pretty funny! As you can see, the ice tea drink has doubled in amounts, because I needed something to take out the fire in my mouth. Thank you Chrys for helping me order it!

After dinner, we went for a walk in the beautiful night, and I was able to explore some (for me) new lands. Here are some pictures of that walk:


Cats, in all sizes and shapes!


I do not why, but there is something with all the bright signs with Chinese symbols that I really like to look at. Although my iPhone-camera was not able to take a better picture of how the red light beautifully was lightning up the front of the building, you might see some of it. Also, do you notice the 7Eleven store in the corner of the picture? Very different from home, but still a nice reminder of it.


After a little while, we approached this pretty place with a long stairs going down and what I first thought was some sort of park on the left. It turned out to be a gallery called Fantasia.


Since we were there during the night, I only took some quick photos (and apparently happened to mess up the couple’s selfie moment, hehe) from the inside where the courtyard was still open. Look at that magical tree! It looks like something out of a LOTR-movie!


There was also this pretty building which housed a Portuguese restaurant. I am definitely coming back for some nice food and some exhibitions!


After that, we continued down this really pretty street. It is very odd to be in Macau in a sense, because their colonial history is so visible, everywhere you look. These buildings looked like those on a South European street somewhere, even the street lights were Western. As I understood, the area we were in was an old Portuguese neighborhood.


Before we knew it, we were in Macanese quarters again, and we were heading for a nice cold drink at a cafe called Lemon Lemon (with the very English sign), but they were just closing. I realize this picture is also not a very good one, but just look ahead of the people on the street. Look how crowded it  is with AC’s, chords, fences (we discussed of whether it was set there to prevent burglars to enter, or for people not to commit suicide, we are still not completely sure). What I find fascinating and also a bit scary is how crammed up everything is here. The buildings are so high and have almost no room between them. This street is pretty okay compared to other ones I have seen. Anyway, just wanted to show you.

So, that is it for now! Thank you Fish and Chrys for taking me on this lovely lovely little adventure. Whenever you feel like doing something again, count me in!





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