“Catcave” the Cat Cafe

Dear readers,

Yes, it is the truth. There is an actual cat cafe in Macau and me and Isabela went there to hang out with out favorite furry creatures and feel better for a while. Longing for home is something that happens to all of us, and sometimes there needs to be creative solutions in order for us to cope being away from everything and everyone we love.

Both of us have two cats back home and we obviously miss them tremendously, so this was definitely a good patch to our wounded hearts. The cafe was filled with kittens and some adult cats and dear oh dear, it was just lovely. Let us take a look.


The walls had adorable paintings which were obviously picturing cats in different scenarios. A bit odd, but still so so cute!


Look, a flying cat! And one where the bird has switched places. There is a photograph somewhere of this scene, it is pretty funny! And of course, Isa, my partner in crime over here.


Our first visitors at our table. I think it is just adorable how the interior matches the permanent guests of this cafe. I love this picture by the way.


One kitten found its way to Isa’s lap and instantly fell asleep. Imagine how many people must come in and cuddle with these cats? They must be overwhelmed with love from crazy cat people.


I also got myself a new friend. It just hopped up and made itself comfortable. My heart melted. Also, it looks like one of my cats back home, Max, which made my body ache. This kitten stayed on my lap until we had to leave.


This adult cat was really curious of what my bag contained or smelled like. It kept coming back to it which I thought was funny. Also, J, does this cat not remind you of Elsa?


They had this type of playground everywhere in the cafe for the cats to climb around in and hang out on. Notice the black/white cat’s facial expression!


Others were just hanging out on different tables or couches. Adorable adorable adorable!


Let us finish this wonderful experience with this adorable picture of Isa and her new found friend. The kittens and adult cats were just so nice to hang around with and to just take it easy around for a little while.

We should not forget that these experiences, going to another part of the world for a long time, is extremely overwhelming at times, at least for me. My body aches from thinking of what I miss back home. I do appreciate all the things I get to experience here and the people I have the chance to meet. But sometimes you just want to wake up next to the love of your life and have your normal routine. Luckily, these types of experiences strengthen us as humans and makes us better than we were before.

That will be a great experience to bring back when life moves on.




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