Do You speak Engrish?

Dear readers,

When I moved into my college building, I noticed that the other students had beautifully decorated the corridor on my floor with different types of wall stickers which are really nice! Many of the stickers are cats which of course made me feel more at home, there are a lot of butterflies and other pretty things. Buildings from all around the world and so on. There is also a lot of texts that are put on the walls, and after I started looking at them more closely, almost all of them have misspelled words, or lack grammatical structure in the sentences.

Let us take a look so you understand where I am coming from with this.


Alright, so except from the obvious misspelling of “beautiful”, what does the first sentence even mean? I have been thinking about this a lot. Is it talking about how blue Santorini is because of a coast line? Also, what is the sea embracing? And why do you automatically find your own happiness? So many questions.


Okay, this next one is pretty okay, but if we just take another look at it, let us first ask ourselves, why do we feel the need to capitalize “love” here? Also, obvious grammatical issues are also part of this sentence, which actually does not make much sense. “With the passing time”? Who chose this odd combination of words?


I love how this short phrase sounds like something your grandmother could tell you in order for you to be more grateful and stop complaining about your issues that are not real issues. This is also just put without further context on one of the walls and I just find it quite interesting to be honest.


Okay, I laughed out loud the first time I saw this, because from my perspective, it feels as if someone first put up the “I love you, so I give it all to you.” part, and later someone came by and was like “what?” and added the question marks. It is pretty funny that they are upside down as well. It makes you wonder what “it” is referring to. A thing? My love for you? Do I give myself to you completely?


I like this wall sticker, because it plays around with social media and our modern age. At the same it is presenting us with nice pictures of different cities, as well as old school graphic versions of famous land marks and buildings. My only dislike is that I have issues with “all the way”, where is that? It feels like somethings is missing from the sentence, or that I just want to replace some words and just say “travel everywhere”. That might sound a little boring though.


This is just. Maybe I am pushing it, but really? How is this making sense? “I am just long to..” is obviously a weird way to put it down. And at the last part “life in somehow”, how is this not something you react to? Also, if you look at this from the actual content of the paragraph. The person wants to meet “the one” which would somehow change their life somehow. They want to do this by traveling. What example are we stating here? It feels like these cheesy stickers just keep enabling the stereotype that girls (which I am just presuming that this is targeted for) should go out in life and their most important goal is to find their soulmate because otherwise they have somewhat failed. The idea of it is just mind gobbling in a sense.


Of course I saved the best for last. This paragraph feels like a drunken text or a bad Google translate attempt. It is just really funny to read through. I will just leave you to that.


Now, some of you might think that what I am doing here is mocking those who put these stickers up. I just want to clarify that is not the case at all. I think it is great that people try to decorate their surrounding space in order for it to look prettier. They have not been responsible for all of these spelling errors, since they have bought wall stickers and put them up. Apparently this is a business that someone if making money out of and there seems to be no type of spell check before these things get distributed. I do not know if it is more funny or concerning. Naturally, if you are somewhat aware of the English language, you would react to all of these misspellings or grammatical mess-ups, just like I did. In all honesty though, I would rather keep them up for a good laugh sometimes, than just keep the dull white walls.






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