One Month in Macau

Dear readers,

I have successfully survived one month in a new country with new customs and cultural norms. Yay! Although this post is a bit delayed because I have been feeling under the weather, I am happy that my energy is coming back to me, at least enough to be able to create a nice blog post for you.

Recently, we have had a two week(!) break because of the Chinese New Year (CNY) and yesterday was finally the first day of classes again. I say finally because I started to get a bit bored. Everything is closed because of the CNY which means that, if you lack relatives to go visit, not many things are provided to entertain you. Unless you have good people around who bring you on adventures. Thank you K and C!

I thought I would share some pictures of different things I have done during these weeks, as a sort of recap.

First, we went on a nice walk around a hill (at least I think it was around it) in Macau, and it was so nice! I thought I would have to go to other places in order to enjoy nature, but luckily, it was very close and easy to access.

Now, some things that are not typical for me as a Swede, coming from the Scandinavian country of FOREST, they had asphalted the whole trail. Also, in order for the soil not to come down when the rain period starts, they had put concrete on the edges of the trail. Right in nature.  For me it was chocking to see. Although I understand that they want to do everything to avoid soil that plummets down on the trails, it still seemed a bit radical to use concrete. I never ended up taking a picture. Not sure why, honestly, because I would have wanted to show you. I will be back there so I will make sure to snap one then.

The CNY provided us with fun activities such as a parade! Oh dear! We were so excited. We made sure to be there on time in order to get a good view of the parade (let us remember that I had a good idea of how a Western one usually looks like), but about 45 minutes before the parade actually started, it started raining. And raining. And… raining. About half of the people who had gathered around us rushed away with their upset children. We did not have anything which could cover us from the rain, but still we stayed where we were.

When the parade finally did start, we were cold and wet and not in a very good mood (just look at us in the picture, haha). After an hour or so with watching a pretty uninteresting parade, it was not what at least I expected, we went away to try to find shelter and something warm to eat. For my Swedish friends, it was similar to a cold day in November where the rain and humidity passes through all of your clothes, and the weather laughs you in the face.

Fast forward to another (non-rainy) day! K and C took me on another hike where we first visited a friend and his family, where we ate cookies and sweets along with some really nice tea. I have learned some nice Chinese manners when being served tea (how to thank someone for pouring you tea) and also how to make really good tea, Chinese-style. Naturally, I will buy a tea set and tea before I leave so that I can indulge in the Chinese tea tradition in Sweden as well. Anyone up for a Chinese Tea Party?

After we were done with the tea and sweets, we made our way to another mountain (hill?) where you could hike. It was mind blowing, so so beautiful. R, we are coming here, just so you know.

We did not have much time before the sun would go down, so we decided that we would choose a pretty short trail which would still provide us with some beautiful views over hills, a golf course, and prison towers. What a mix, huh? These stairs were an accomplishment and it was not the most fun thing to do when the weather is hot and humid, however, it did give us some spectacular views and introduced us to other trails that took us further on to our little journey.

I took this picture at the end of our hike. Such a beautiful place to visit and be part of for a moment. Fun fact: I was standing on a really narrow bridge when I took this picture. I am scared of heights, but from the time I came here, that has been challenged in different ways. So I am slowly overcoming the fear because I end up visiting places where heights are part of the experience.

After we finished from this little hike of ours, we went down to the beach which was not far from this place, and ate a good dinner with the sound of the waves coming in. This was one of the best days (if not the best) that I have had during my stay here. I am hoping for many more!




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