Midterms, Midways

Dear readers,

Sorry for not posting for a while, time has been lacking for all things I want to do, so I have had to decide what I should put most time on, which has been studying. Last week, I had two midterm exams which I have studied a lot for.

Is it not funny, by the way, when you have studied and taken notes and really had the conviction that you got this, you still end up with a total blackout of some important detail that you need to know, while at the exam? That happens to me all the time, and I have to go through every mental note I have in a last hope to remember the name of a character or the name of an author. Luckily, it comes to me at last.


This is one of the ways I annotate, when I need to know of certain themes and where I can quickly find them during the test. The numbers represent the different questions on the study guide we had received from the teacher, and I also knew that some of the questions would be on the real test. This exam was an “open book, open notes”-exam, which meant that I could bring the literature and my notes to class.

Well, that is an odd way to have a test, I thought when I heard of it, but honestly, since I had read everything in time and taken notes, as well as studied for the exam, I winded up opening one of the books one time, and that was for a page reference. I have learned that my brain can hold so much information at once which is just brilliant.

The midterm exams are officially over and now we look ahead for the final examinations which will be during May. On top of that, I have several papers that I will have to write at the same time and finish before April ends. Interesting concept for me who has only had a maximum of two courses at the same time in Sweden, but am now sporting five. So keep me in your prayers.

As you could see in the title, I am also Midways through my stay here. A few days over that even. March 13th marked my 50% left before I take the flight back home again. My feelings on being here have truly been a roller-coaster and I have not always been happy about it.

You see, I am not an adventure seeker like many of my peers are. I enjoy shorter trips and to explore cultural and historical aspects of a place. And food of course. Being on the other side of the earth (sort of) for half a year is not really what I would normally get myself into.

Now that I have been here close to 3(!) months, I have now overcome my worst homesickness (at least I hope so) and have started to neutrally accept things around me. A friend showed me this:

homesickness chart

I kid you not, up until now this has been my exact feeling about my exchange. I am at “adaptation” right now and will hope that the pre-return ups and downs will not kill me, because goodness it has been rough.

I know that some of those who read my blog are about to go on exchange, and let me tell you, look att his picture, save it and remember that this will happen to you, and that is completely normal.

I wish I gave myself enough credit that I actually came here, as I could have easily turned it down because of being too scared to try it. But I can already feel how much I will have learned by being here, about myself, about my studies, about the profession I will soon enter into, about people and cultures, but above all.. *cheesy moment* about what matters in life.

I miss the most ridiculous things from back home. The smell of certain food or nature, locations I otherwise would take for granted, being close to my friends and family, using my time well. It feels as if I have just assumed that another day will come for other opportunities that I missed that day, but here i have become so much more productive and good at, as NIKE would say, “just do it!”, and I am very happy about that.

I will not postpone next post as long as I have since last time I wrote, as I have more time on my hands now, yay!

I want to know who you are who read my blog, leave me a comment, it would be fun to know more about you!









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